A Newly Discovered Fragmentary Troubadour Songbook (Barcelona, Arxiu de la Catedral, Miscel·lània, 23/1-12)

  • Miriam Cabré (Universitat de Girona)
  • Sadurní Martí (Universitat de Girona)


A previously unknown fragmentary songbook at the Archives of Barcelona Cathedral (Barcelona, Arxiu de la Catedral, Miscel·lània, 23/1-12) transmits 17 troubadour poems, mainly the work of Peire Cardenal. The provenance is still to be ascertained but it could well have been in the ACB since the Middle Ages. The extant 13 paper leaves of this new Catalan troubadour manuscript witness probably constituted a (now defective) quire and have a striking similarity with another Catalan troubadour fragment known as Mh (Madrid, Real Academia de la Historia, 9-24-6/4579, n. 3). This new witness provides an additional, very interesting, piece for the reconstruction of the medieval circulation of troubadour lyrics in Catalan lands and beyond. The proposed siglum for this fragment is Bc.

Keywords: troubadours, songbooks, Peire Cardenal, archival findings, Crown of Aragon, codicology

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Published on
11 Dec 2023
Peer Reviewed