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Translat Library is a journal devoted to the literary culture of Europe and colonial Latin America from 1200 to 1600, with an emphasis on vernacular translations, the Romance letters, and the Latin tradition. Translat Library publishes short rigorous essays contributing new documentation and editions of unpublished texts. Inspired by the sections of notes and manuscript excerpts that were common in nineteenth-century journals, Translat Library seeks to publish notes documenting a discovery, including the identification of a manuscript or an incunable, the source of a text, archival information on an author or a work, the paratexts of a rare edition, the complete or excerpted edition of an unpublished text, and notes on marginalia or on a published but neglected work.

Volume 6 • 2024


Una mención oculta de la historia de Flores y Blancaflor en el «Poema de Alfonso Onceno» // A Hidden Allusion to the Story of Floire and Blancheflor in the "Poema de Alfonso Onceno"

Clara Pascual-Argente

2024-01-23 Volume 6 • 2024

A Catalan Fragment of the Christian-Jewish Disputation of Tortosa (1412–1414)

Alexander Fidora

2024-02-18 Volume 6 • 2024

«Cognatas cantabo acies»: breve nota su un anonimo poema epico quattrocentesco // «Cognatas cantabo acies»: A Short Note on an Anonymous Fifteenth-Century Epic Poem

Jacopo Pesaresi

2024-03-12 Volume 6 • 2024

On Translations of Byzantine Greek: A Bilingual Letter from Vicente Mariner to Andreas Schott in 1617

William M. Barton

2024-04-25 Volume 6 • 2024

Testi di Dante e di Petrarca in un codice virgiliano del secolo XIV individuato di recente: Alghero, Biblioteca Comunale «Rafael Sari», ms. 58 // Texts by Dante and Petrarch in a Recently Identified Virgilian Codex of the Fourteenth-Century: Alghero, Biblioteca Comunale «Rafael Sari», ms. 58

Maria Teresa Laneri

2024-05-30 Volume 6 • 2024

Traducción e imprenta: una aproximación a la historia bibliográfica de El parto de la Virgen de Gregorio Hernández de Velasco // Translation and Printing Press: An Approach to the Bibliographic History of El parto de la Virgen by Gregorio Hernández de Velasco 

Javier Lorenzo

2024-07-09 Volume 6 • 2024