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Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (PARE) is an online journal providing access to refereed articles that can have a positive impact on assessment, research, and evaluation. Manuscripts published in PARE are scholarly syntheses of research and ideas about methodological issues and practices, and offer unique contributions to the literature. PARE is intended to help members of the community keep up-to-date with effective methods, trends, and research developments from a variety of settings.

PARE is also committed to highlighting research that focuses on equity in assessment and measurement. To that end, we encourage the submission of manuscripts that address issues of equity and fairness – particularly articles that focuses on the assessment experiences and outcomes for historically marginalized populations.

Volume 29 • 2024


Clearer Analysis, Interpretation, and Communication in Organizational Research: A Bayesian Guide

Karyssa A. Courey, Frederick L. Oswald and Steven A. Culpepper

2024-01-18 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 1

Using Cliff’s Delta as a Non-Parametric Effect Size Measure: An Accessible Web App and R Tutorial

Kane Meissel and Esther S. Yao

2024-01-22 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 2

Are Exams Authentic Assessment? The Case of Economics

Petar Stankov

2024-01-29 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 3

Statistical Analyses with Sampling Weights in Large-Scale Assessment and Survey

Ting Shen

2024-02-27 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 4

Impacts of Differences in Group Abilities and Anchor Test Features on Three Non-IRT Test Equating Methods

Inga Laukaityte and Marie Wiberg

2024-03-08 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 5

A Practical Comparison of Decision Consistency Estimates

Amanda Wolkowitz and Russell Smith

2024-03-12 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 6

Transforming Assessments of Clinician Knowledge: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Traditional Standardized and Longitudinal Assessment Modalities

Shahid A. Choudhry, Timothy J. Muckle, Christopher J. Gill, Rajat Chadha, Magnus Urosev, Matt Ferris and John C. Preston

2024-03-26 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 7

Frequentist and Bayesian Factorial Invariance using R

Teck Kiang Tan

2024-04-01 Volume 29 • 2024 • Article 8