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Full Proceeding

Proceedings of the 2023 Building Technology Educators' Society Conference

Giovanni Loreto and Liz Martin-Malikian

2023-12-20 2023


Linking Sustainability and Housing Affordability to Neighborhood Design Compatibility

Michael L. Garrison

2023-06-05 2023 • 1–9

Learning Via Making, a Hands-On Approach

Pablo Moyano Fernández

2023-06-05 2023 • 10–19

Energy Retrofit Evaluation of a Naturally Ventilated Historic Building in a Hot and Humid Climate

Layla Iskander, Antonio Martinez-Molina and Saadet Beeson

2023-06-05 2023 • 20–27

Catenary Timber: The 2022 Barry Onouye Studio

Tyler S. Sprague

2023-06-05 2023 • 28–35

Reflecting on the Intent of Undergraduate Design Research

Kristopher Palagi

2023-06-05 2023 • 36–42

Remote Control: Attuned Interventions in Mass Timber for Inuit-Housing

Peter S. Raab

2023-06-05 2023 • 43–50

XX-LAM: The Architecture of Curved Cross-Laminated Timber

Jason Griffiths

2023-06-05 2023 • 59–62

Precision and Constructability: Formwork Design for the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis

Liane Hancock

2023-06-05 2023 • 66–71

Earth Made Urban Living: Earthen Construction Materials and Techniques for Contemporary Housing

Robert Holton

2023-06-05 2023 • 78–84

Carbon Cequestering and Structural Abilities of Eucalyptus Cloeziana

Holly Sandberg, Christina McCoy and Khaled Mansy

2023-06-05 2023 • 85–92

Future of Thermal Insulation, Zero Carbon Options

Tiffany Mollohan, Khaled Mansy and Jay Yowell

2023-06-05 2023 • 93–100

Learning Through Lightness

Nate Imai and Matthew Conway

2023-06-05 2023 • 101–106

Building Ecosystems: Hybrid Materialities for Collective Urban Infrastructures

Juan José Castellón

2023-06-05 2023 • 108–115

Ecological Tectonics: Rethinking Construction through Material Reuse, Recycle, and Reclaim

Jongwan Kwon

2023-06-05 2023 • 116–123

Housing and Concrete, a Design Build Studio

Gernot Riether and Mohamed A. Mahgoub

2023-06-05 2023 • 124–128

The Use of Wood Betters the Relationship Between People and Places

Giorgio Frunzio, Marilena De Simone, Giovanni Loreto, Luciana Di Gennaro and Luigi Massaro

2023-06-05 2023 • 130–133

Agricultural Waste Fiber in 'An Economy That is Restorative and Regenerative by Design'

Mark S. Taylor and Kyle Smith

2023-06-05 2023 • 136-146

Framing a Tectonics of Place: The Arizona School

Chad Schwartz

2023-06-05 2023 • 147-154

A Tale of Three Stones

Keith Peiffer

2023-06-05 2023 • 155-162

The Restoration of Santa Maria delle Grazie: The New Life of an Ancient Church

Luciana Di Gennaro, Giorgio Frunzio and Giovanni Loreto

2023-06-05 2023 • 163-171

Avoiding the Imperialist Agenda when Designing for the Developing World

Elizabeth McCormick and Lochana Deshpande

2023-06-05 2023 • 172-177

Techne: Teacing Iterative Tectonics to Architecture Students

Eric Dean Weber

2023-06-05 2023 • 187-194

Matter, Making, and Testing: Designing with Next Generation Precast Concrete

Richard J. Garber, Riley Engelberger and Lisa Knust

2023-06-05 2023 • 195-202

The COTE Student Design Competition as a Vehicle for Integrative Architectural Education

Peter S. Raab

2023-06-05 2023 • 203-210

From Integration to Embodiment: An Evolving Approach to Teaching Design and Building Technology

Jordan A. Kanter and Robert Williams

2023-06-05 2023 • 211-218

How much does your building (model) weigh? On heightening awareness of embodied carbon in the design studio

Mike Christenson and Malini Srivastava

2023-06-05 2023 • 219-226

Lessons from an Integrated Design Course

Clifton Fordham

2023-06-05 2023 • 227-231

Design for an industrialized construction in architecture education: a case study integrating dfma and digital twin in the design studio

Paola Sanguinetti and Luz Rodríguez

2023-06-05 2023 • 232-245

Teaching carbon responsibility to first year architecture and engineering design students

Clare Olsen, Thomas di Santo and Casey Benito

2023-06-05 2023 • 240-245

Direct Housing for Post-Disaster Recovery: Design and Logistics for Alternative Solutions

Dustin Albright, Elly Hall, Yongjia Song, Weichiang Pang and M. Stoner

2023-06-05 2023 • 246-253

Designing Water Self-Sustaining International Projects Using Comprehensive Water Auditing

Courtney Crosson

2023-06-05 2023 • 254-261

Weaving and Tuning Cast-In-Place Falsework

Kristopher Palagi

2023-06-05 2023 • 262-265

Negotiating the ground plane: calibrating the geometry of climate-adaptive urban surfaces

Kentaro Tsubaki and Charles D. Jones

2023-06-05 2023 • 266-273

Proactive Not Reactive: Pandemic-Prepared Commercial Architecture

Sydney Garceau and Liz McCormick

2023-06-05 2023 • 274-281

(In)Determinacy: Material and Joint Constraints to Unleash Tectonic Thinking

Michelle Laboy

2023-06-05 2023 • 282-291

KSU Mini Pavilion: A Constructed Ecology and A Didactic Tool for Learning

Michael Carroll and Billy Kihei

2023-06-05 2023 • 292-300

Tectonics & Stereotomy

Regin Schwaen

2023-06-05 2023 • 301-310

The Site of Ornament

Genevieve Baudoin and Bruce Johnson

2023-06-05 2023 • 311-318

Introducing Robotics to Students Through Novel Architectural Fabrication

Erin Hunt

2023-06-05 2023 • 319-326

Pneumatic Reality: An Exploration of Inflatables as a Pedagogical Design Tool

Shawn Protz

2023-06-05 2023 • 327-334

A Tectonics of Ontogenetic Materialism: Three Projects

Dwaine Carver

2023-06-05 2023 • 335-341

Having It Both Ways: Building as Object, Building as Artifact

Emily McGlohn, Mackenzie Stagg, Elizabeth Farrell Garcia and Rusty Smith

2023-06-05 2023 • 342-349

Living Surfaces: Defying Walls

Zamila Karimi, Cody Kucharski and Ana Valdez Tello

2023-06-05 2023 • 350-359

Performative Periodic Tessellations: A Study of Parametric, Light-Responsive Façade Systems in the Museum Setting

Arash Soleimani and Mostafa Alani

2023-06-05 2023 • 178-186