About This Journal

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Medicinally Active Plants considers a wide range of contribution for publication. The chief unifying criterion for acceptance of a piece is it pertinence to the study of medicinally active plants. Note that preference is given to submissions that are innovative, whether in scope or approach. Especially welcome are studies which are interdisciplinary in nature. Authors implicitly take responsibility for obtaining reproduction permission of non-original materials and must submit proof of such permission together with the final version of heir manuscript. Reviews may also be submitted for publication and are considered a valuable asset to the community of medicinally active plants scholars. Lengthy articles as well as books may be reviewed and may take a variety of forms. Please note that we do not accept self-reviews or the unwarranted promotion of friends or colleagues. Authors or publishers who would like to have a book reviewed may submit copies to an Executive Editor. If deemed of interest to the readers, the book will be reviewed and the review published.

Peer Review

The objectives in launching this new journal are to harness the advancements of emerging information technologies, and provide the worldwide community of medicinally active plant scientists, engineers, educators, and businesses with a powerful tool for communication. The Journal of Medicinally Active Plants will be issued online, quarterly, in open-access format. Research reports and review articles will be fully peer-reviewed and printed in English. The review process is anonymous authors will not know the identity of the reviewers. The editors will rely heavily on reviewer comments when making decisions regarding revision and publication of an article. Letters to the Editor will be examined by the Executive Editors to decide on publication and the Executive Editors reserve the right to edit these submissions for length and/or content. Announcements will be published at the discretion of the Editorial Board; the Editorial Board reserves the right to edit these submissions for length and/or content.