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The Democratic Communiqué publishes articles exploring any of a wide range of topics, including alternative/community/public media, the internationalization of capital and information flows, media and imperialism, telecommunication industry ownership and consolidation, information society, information technology and surveillance, feminist political economy, environmental political economy, media’s relatedness to social class, labor or social movements, and analyses of cultural artifacts or practices which encompass ideational and material concerns. While these topics encompass a vast swath of academic inquiry and scholarship, they are united in their critical examination of media and communication as they relate to political economy, individual and societal involvement in these economic systems, and the policies that shape them.

Volume 31 • Issue 2 • 2023


Mobilizing Against “Paid Content” in the Mainstream Media: Journalists versus Management at CBC

Tamar Weinstein

2023-01-01 Volume 31 • Issue 2 • 2023

Response to Owen Schalk’s “Disney, Salò and Pasolini’s Inconsumable Art”: Dialectical streaming in a digitally platformed world.

Marcus Breen

2023-01-01 Volume 31 • Issue 2 • 2023

Social Media and Changing Political Behaviors among the Youth in Kwara State of Nigeria

Lambe Kayode Mustapha, Olamide Hameed Olufadi, Adesina Lukuman Azeez, Patrick Udende and Maryam Lasisi Mustapha

2023-01-01 Volume 31 • Issue 2 • 2023


Calcutta 1908: Apocalypse Now

Jeffrey Stanley

2023-01-01 Volume 31 • Issue 2 • 2023