Textures and Meanings: Thirty Years of Judaic Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Leonard H. Ehrlich, Robert A. Rothstein, Jay R. Berkovitz, Howard Tzvi Adelman, Charles D. Isbell, Julius Lester, Frederick Busi, Robert Schwartzwald, Susan E. Shapiro, Jules Piccus, Jules Chametzky, Sigrid Bauschinger, Carl S. Ehrlich, Ruth Birnbaum, Judith Romney Wegner, Philip Cohen, Judith R. Baskin, Chaim Cohen, Shmuel Bolozky, Mohammed Jiyad, Aviva Ben-Ur, Emanuel Rubin, Steven Bowman, James Young, Joel Martin Halpern & Murray Schwartz

Essays edited by Leonard H. Ehrlich, Shmuel Bolozky, Robert A. Rothstein, Murray Schwartz, Jay R. Berkovitz, and James E. Young.


Title and Table of Contents (printable version of this page)

Leonard H. Ehrlich, “By Way of Introduction: Thirty Years of Judaic Studies – A Personal Memoir”

Robert A. Rothstein, “Jules Piccus – A Personal Remembrance of one of the Founding Fathers of Judaic Studies”

Section A: Contexts of Modernity

Introduction: Contexts of Modernnity

Jay R. Berkovitz, “Ritual and Modernity: Rethinking Jewish Emancipation”

Howard Tzvi Adelman, “Germany as Museum of Jewish History and a Laboratory for Jewish-Christian Relations”

Leonard H. Ehrlich, “Judaism within Modernity: Challenge to Survival”

Charles D. Isbell, “Modern Judaism and the Haredim: Historical Issues in the Current Debate”

Section B: Red Thread in the Warp of History: Anti-Semitism

Introduction: Red Thread in the Warp of History

Julius Lester, “Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Concept of Evil”

Fredrick Busi, “Faith and Race: Gougenot des Mousseaux and the Development of Anti-Semitism in France”

Robert Schwartzwald, “Father Marie-Alain Couturier, O.P. and the Refutation of Anti-Semitism in Vichy France”

Susan E. Shapiro, “The Uncanny Jew: A brief History of an Image”

Section C: Literary Hues and Textures

Introduction: Literary Hues and Textures

Jules Piccus, “Corrections, Suppressions, and Changes in Montalvo’s Amadís,
Book I”

Robert A. Rothstein, “The Sad Lot of Women in Ukrainian and Yiddish Folksongs”

Jules Chametzky, “Jewish Humor”

Sigrid Bauschinger, “Else Lasker-Schüler on the Lost Bridge Between Jews and Christians”

Section D: Texts and Interpretation

Introduction: Texts and Interpretation

Carl S. Ehrlich, “‘Make yourself no graven image’: The Second Commandment and Judaism”

Ruth Birnbaum, “Grappling with Aristotelianism in Medieval Jewish Philosophy”

Judith Romney Wegner, “You can get there from here!: Exegetical Excursions from Judaism to Islam”

Judith R. Baskin, “Rereading the Sources: New Visions of Women in Medieval Ashkenaz”

Philip Cohen, “The Problem of Paganism and its Solution in the Theology of David Einhorn”

Section E: Textures of Language

Introduction:Textures of Language

Chaim Cohen, “The Saga of a Unique Verb in Biblical Hebrew and Ugaritic: hštḥwh ‘to bow down’ – Usage and Etymology”

Shmuel Bolozky, “Surface Geminates (dage_ forte) in Israeli Hebrew”

Mohammed Jiyad, “The Arabic Gemini for Advanced Reading”

Section F: Web of Community and Memory

Introduction: Web of Community and Memory

Aviva Ben-Ur, “The Exceptional and the Mundane: A Biographical Portrait of Rebecca (Machado) Phillips (1746-1831)”

Emanuel Rubin, “The Music of David Nowakowski (1840-1921): A New Voice from Old Odessa”

Steven Bowman, “The Jews of Greece”

James Young, “When a Day Remembers: A Performative History of Yom ha-Shoah”

Joel Martin Halpern, “Judaic Studies and Me”